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Natural TreeShutout’s patented SilverSync+ Technology is designed to replace harsh chemicals in the products we use. SilverSync+ kills bacteria, molds, fungi and more while leaving the people who use it unharmed from allergic reactions or chemical sensitivities. With this technology in our hands early on, you can likely see why we decided to include it in so many products; it’s used in deodorizing & sanitizing sprays, hard surface cleaners, laundry detergents, mopping solutions, skin-care products and more. The use of SilverSync+ also enables us to blend our products with 100% pure essential oils, where as chemical disinfectants would work against those natural ingredients if blended together.

Silver that when broken up into nano-sized particles is the key component in SilverSync+ TechnologySilver (Ag+) has powerful natural properties and Shutout® has become a world leader in utilizing this natural ingredient to make better products for the world we live in. We’ve taken Quality Control to another level; accurately controlling the shapes & sizes of the particles at a microscopic level to achieve deliberate results. All Shutout® products are designed to behave a certain way, with consistent results; some are longer lasting and some faster acting. This is just one example of what we focus on when creating new products in our design labs.


All Natural. All Clean.

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